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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    


Proper training and technique are essential for anyone learning to sing- whether it be professionally or just as a hobby.  Both classical and contemporary techniques are taught so every singer can learn to sing any style. You will learn techniques such as good breath support & control, resonance, proper pitch & vowels, proper mic & recording techniques, and many more.   Many of the singers in my studio are training to sing professionally and are achieving their goals and dreams as we speak.  I make it my goal to help you achieve your goals!  Currently, students are playing leads in musicials, releasing their own singles/albums, performing in gigs, travelling to L.A. to work with producers, and many more.  I also offer several different performing opportunities a year so you get real life performing experience.  We have done recitals, full musicals, a concert at Clement Park with a live band, and singing at the PACE Center, just to name a few.  


Just as in singing, I take an all around approach with teaching piano so both classical and contemporary techniques are taught.  Students will be taught musical training in sight reading, music theory, chords, how to read charts, composition, and many more.  We will focus on what you want to acheive and work on areas of weakness so you can be a stronger overall player.  I teach beginning to intermediate pianists through Level 5.  Each of my piano students may spend 15 minutes on music theory on the computer before or after their lesson free of charge.  Music Ace, Musition, & Auralia are all offered as part of the program.


I teach beginning guitar and ukulele, mainly focussed on accompanying yourself or others as a singer.  We cover aspects such as sight reading, learning to play chords, finger picking, hammer ons and pull-offs, and learning to read charts & tabs.  Often students do a 45 minute or hour long combination lesson of guitar and singing.


This program is for those that would like achieve success as both a singer and songwriter.  Playing an instrument and singing is crucial in learning how to write music.  Techniques such as chord & song structure, learning to write a hook both lyrically & musically, learning to write chord charts, and other writing aspects are covered.  A minimum of 45 Minutes is usually required for this program because it is much more extensive in the training process.