Monday-Thursday 12:00-8:00pm

Saturday 9:00-3:00

​Sunday 1:00am-6:00pm


West Parker/Near Ridgegate & I-25

Tel: 303-513-4400

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Half Hour Lessons = $150/mo. 

45-Minute Lesson = $225/mo.

One-Hour Lesson Monthly Tuition = $300/mo.

A la carte Lessons = $85

* Students can also do a 45 or 60 minute combination lesson of voice, piano, ukulele, and/or beginning guitar

*There is a 10% discount for family members after the first hour



Bi-Annual Materials Fee=$40 for first student/$30 for each additional student.   

Covers materials such as piano or guitar books, sheet music,  vocal exercises, mp3's, cd's, etc.

To be paid in September & February or at the time of registration (Will prorate if you start later in the year).

Recital Fees = $30/first student/$25 for each additional student




Welcome to the Jenna Laurise Music Studio.  I am dedicated to providing you with high quality private instruction.  Please read the following important information regarding your weekly lessons:



Payment is due for the entire month at the time of the FIRST lesson of the month. To help me better ensure a predictable business volume, students will pay a standard monthly lesson tuition that applies for each month, regardless of how many lessons you attend for that month. This tuition reserves a specific time slot for you each week. 


For example, if you take one-hour lessons, you will pay $300/month for tuition. In a traditional month, there are four lessons per month.  However, if you have five lessons in any given month, you will attend the fifth lesson but will not need to pay for it – you will continue to pay your standard tuition for that month as you do for every other month. This tuition policy applies for each month of the year and does not make exceptions for vacations, holidays, unexpected events/schedule changes or illnesses (with the exception of summer breaks, where a lesson credit is given – please see the “School Breaks/Vacation” section, below).  



I will send out invoices at the end of the month for the next month via Quickbooks.  There is an option to pay securely through your bank via Quickbooks.  I also accept cash, check, or Paypal.  If you would like to pay via Paypal, I will send you an electronic invoice and you can pay directly through Paypal (for the use of Paypal, you will be charged an additional $5-7 fee in addition to your lesson fee).  All checks should be made out to Jenna Laurise or Jenna Laurise Music Studio.  It is imperative that you pay on time so that I can run my business effectively and plan for the appropriate resources.  Any lessons paid for after the 10th of the month will incur a $15 late fee.  There is a $15 fee for returned checks. 



I offer a 10% discount on total monthly tuition to families that have more than one student receiving instruction.  I also offer a 20% discount to students who are homeschooled and can do lessons between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.



With your tuition, you are reserving a weekly lesson time for the entire month.  If you cannot make your reserved time due to illness, a 24-hour notice of cancellation is required.  Make-up lessons for illnesses are accommodated per my schedule and are not guaranteed. If able to be accommodated, lessons must be made up within that month.  If you cannot attend your lesson for whatever reason, please call or text me so that I do not worry about you.  There is one tuition credits per semester for missed lessons (ie. Aug through December, January through May, June through August).  There are absolutely no refunds for missed lessons.



If there are school closures due to inclement weather, then the studio is usually closed.  Make-up lessons may be given due to weather only if the public schools in your district are closed.



My studio is closed for the following holidays: Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving.  My studio will also be closed from December 24th-January 1st.  For the month of December, students pay their standard tuition.


Because I have students from various school districts, my studio will stay open during school and summer breaks.  If you go out of town during those weeks and would like a make-up lesson, please let me know in advance and we can try to set that up. However, make-up lessons must be done within that same month, are accommodated per my schedule, and are not guaranteed. For summer break, I will allow one lesson credit during the summer break from June 1 - August 15th to accommodate summer vacation schedules.  Students pay their standard tuition during the summer months and school break months.  If I am going out of town, I will either arrange alternate lessons in advance or I will get a substitute teacher for your lesson.



If, for some reason, you need to stop taking lessons, termination with the Jenna Laurise Music Studio requires a 
30-day notice in writing via e-mail or hard copy so that I can work on filling your spot when you leave.  If you are just taking a hiatus from lessons, this notice policy still applies, and I cannot guarantee your same time slot in the future. However, I will do my best to get you back into a lesson time that works mutually for everyone.



If you know that your schedule will be changing, please notify me at least two weeks in advance so I can try to accommodate a new day/time for your lesson per your schedule.



All students are encouraged to perform in student recitals. We will have 2-3 recitals each year. A recital fee of $15-25 will be charged to each student; students are required to pay the recital fee with their tuition at the beginning of each recital month.



Private lessons require intense concentration from both myself as the instructor and the student. Therefore, visitors of a new student (such as parents, friends, and other family) should plan to attend only the first one or two lessons for the new student. If guests demonstrate that they will not be a distraction (e.g. gum chewing, video game music, ringing phones and/or phone calls, or interjections), I welcome them to sit in on lessons from time to time.  If you’d like a friend to participate in a lesson with you, it must be pre-arranged with me and upon approval, they are welcome to attend, as long as they are focused on working (as you are) during the lesson.


The front door should be open prior to your lesson time.  Please enter quietly prior to your lesson time so that you do not disturb the lesson before you.  If you are the first student, please arrive no more than 5 minutes early, as we may be finishing up a meal or I may be making preparations for the day's lessons, etc.



This is my private residence in addition to a studio so arriving too early could interrupt our family.  The studio space includes the lobby, the instruction area and the bathroom.  If you wander into other areas of the house without asking, it can make the family feel uncomfortable and like you are intruding in their space.



It is very important that you bring a water bottle for your voice, your piano/sheet/book music, an MP3 device for your songs, and a music 3 ring binder to hold your sheet music and lyrics.



In music, practice is what you do in-between your lessons and not AT your lessons.  The half-hour or hour you spend with me each week does not excuse you from learning your music and applying the techniques and concepts you learn during lessons consistently throughout the week. I will give you a free Vocal Exercise CD at the first lesson so you have something to practice the exercises with. I will also give you specific techniques to practice with for your songs. You should be practicing anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours a day, depending on your skill level and goals.  In order to achieve your greatest potential, you must put in the work.  I have taught hundreds of students over the past 7 years and those that put in hours of practice time a week, get significantly better faster.